InkSpin1 Is No More

As of July 2016, InkSpin1 AS has been liquidated and the Vispel video calling product is not being offered any more. We would like to thank the team, our investors and customers for sharing the dream of using the TV set as a communication device. It is intriguing to see the idea being taken forward by other startups!

Historical information follows.

Vispel enables you to add value for your customers - adding video calling capability to apps and network connected products. Vispel is an easily embeddable video calling software for various consumer electronics products. Turning your product, whether an online service, media player or set top box, into a fully functioning video phone is easy. All it takes is Vispel and a camera.

By adding video calling functionality to your product, you can increase the consumer's screen time, opening up a world of opportunities. Video conferences are not confined to specialized tools any more, they can enhance many applications.

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  • Vispel SIP video call source code for sale

    Nov 03 SIP video calling API for set top boxes, Android and iOS now available with full source code.
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Videokõned teleris 7.12.2012-30.11.2014InkSpin1 is a software producer specialized in video-calling technologies on mobile devices and TV screen. The company is founded in 2007.

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